Friday, October 22, 2010

Information overload, headache and horse-eating

It is on the days where you have got absolutely nothing else to do, but to stare at your screen, wondering when it is you will finish that dreadful assignment and when it is you'll be able to fly away to a better place, that you feel everything's of no use. On these days it is perhaps usual to eat more times than necessary, because there just isn't anything else to do.

Today is the day I am experiencing exactly that. Of course I've got something to do, but that only involves trying hard to complete my assignment. It's not like I'm thrilled about it either; my assignments take away my social life, my freedom. They chain me down to my bed, or desk if you like - and force me to stare at my laptop screen the whole day.

Yesterday I was flying in and out of the kitchen, eating all kinds of things, because boredom leaves you with a huge feeling of hunger, even when you're not really hungry. ahh.. and the deadline of the assignment is just getting closer and closer. Every second, minute and hour of everyday counts now. Of course it's always counted, but you know.

Here I am, my head pounding from information overload, where my brain cells are hardly able to digest all the information - and a desire to fall asleep and just forget about the day. Of course I won't do that, but it's tempting, and I'm feeling this hunger again, although it's not coming from the depths of my stomach, but my mouth. Ah.. just this urge to eat even though I'm not hungry.  DAMN YOU ASSIGNMENT!!!

Signed with Love

Chika xx