Thursday, October 21, 2010

Embarrassment must be my middle name

I guess I've gotten embarrassed so many times, it just seems to be a part of me. Like yesterday, or the day before for example.

The first embarrassment was in my "Writing for the Media" seminar at university. All the students in the seminar group had been given a task to write a news article concerning university, and so of course I got to work. Our lecturer usually likes to go around and see how people progress, so he stopped in front of my computer screen, and everytime he does that I get nervous because I hate it when people are watching me write.

He paused for a second to read what I had written so far, and then he said "You usually misuse commas, or put them where they are not supposed to be. Maybe you should have a look at the english book for this course"... then he turned around to face the other people in the seminar group and said "Everybody should have a look at the english book on this course...what's the name of the author?" .. someone gives him the name of the author, and then he continues. "Right, so have a look at it."

Later on in the day.

I had asked the same lecturer about an assignment we have to hand in next week, and, well...he had told me what I should do, and then another lecturer who happens to be Norwegian (hey, what a am I... sort of) came along, and because I wanted to impress lecturer number 1 I decided to speak to lecturer number 2 in Norwegian. Well, the only mistake was, he had had a paternity leave because his partner had given birth to a baby girl, not a boy, so you can imagine the embarrassment when I realized I'd said "Congratulations on your baby boy."

Ahhh.... the embarrassments just won't stop.

I had the same thing happen to me in another seminar, except this time it wasn't as bad??? Well, we usually have really complicated light switches in the lecture theathres at university, so I just assumed it was the same all over university. Turns out it was not. During one of our seminars I was asked to switch off the lights, and without turning around, and thinking, you know - that it was one of those complicated light switches, I said "I don't know how to." And one of my classmates went "You just switch it off," then of course I had to look behind me, and would you look at that, there were three light switches I could just switch off... :/

I figured for all these events to have taken place within the space of two days, embarrasment must be my middle name, right?

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx