Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheating: The forbidden fruit

I realize that the expecations I used to have about certain things have started to diminish as I grow older. For each year of my life I start seeing things I would never have imagined had it been a few years ago. Young women growing up are always filled with the thoughts of meeting the perfect guy, having the perfect wedding, and then living happily ever after.  Society is changing, trends are changing, and people are constantly changing.

Sometimes I wonder whether people stayed together during the olden days because they felt obligated to, or because they loved each other. Now a days the view on marriage and love has taken a twisted turn, and most people get married because of that glamorous wedding they have always dreamt of.

One thing I find more disgusting than anything is cheating. I don't like the word, and I certainly don't like the act. Some people find it okay to have a wife and a girlfriend on the side, and vice versa. There's nothing right about it!! A family member once said that we were kidding ourselves if we thought there are men who don't cheat. "All men cheat," she said.  If all men cheat, then it's best they stay single for the rest of their lives, then they can hunt down and sleep with as many women as they like. "But I love my wife/huband." If you do, then you would never cheat on them, there's nothing that says love in cheating.

If a person knows they are going to get tired of being with one person for the rest of their life, it's better to run straight after they've had the epiphany, and not twenty years into their marriage. .. Women who let their husbands cheat on them because they "want their marriage to last" or becaue they are staying "because of the kids" or because "I love him", should wake up fast. There is nothing acceptable about cheating, hence the name.

Anyone who feels right about cheating is inhuman. It brings devastation, tragedy, sorrow and loss. Why would you jeopardize your marriage for minutes of pleasure? If there are issues in a marriage, like most reasons for cheating, it's better to solve the problem together, just like you promised at the alter.

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx