Friday, October 29, 2010

Assignment madness!!

You only know when an assignment has driven you to the limit of madness when you start having "nightmares" about it :P. Only a few days ago I had a dream I was writing an assignment with no references. HORRENDOUS!!! I actually thought it was real. It's like I was on autopilot, just writing and forgetting to reference my sources (I don't even think I used any sources in my dream.).

Just a few minutes, well, after I fell asleep watching a drama episode, I had another dream about referencing. Is it some kind of message or something??????? I mean, I dreamt of the "correct" way of referencing, and this time I was using too many sources!!!

Anyway, I handed in my assignment a while back, so whether I'm short of sources or simply have no sources at all won't make me able to take it back and redo it. I was quite happy with the final results though, but only time will tell if it's a good enough assignment for a good mark. Ahh.... Just hope I won't be having anymore dreams about referencing!!!!

Signed with Love, 

Chika xxx