Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why I know that I was destined for writing...

"If you take away my freedom to write, you have taken away my life."

Ever since I was a little girl, I was ever so fascinated by the typerwiter (or writing in general really). Yes, those typing devices that existed long before the computer or laptop came into existence. Those ones!

I absolutely adored the clicking sounds the typewriter would make as I typed away on it; writing endless stories. I remember the very first time I used a typewriter. I sat inside all day, completely enthralled by it. I had placed a yellow sticky note in it and had started typing about an elephant and its blue football. I can still remember it up until today, and it was my first ever story. Ever since then I kept on writing, each time about different characters and their adventures, and at night I would tell my siblings stories before they went to sleep.

I was always flattered when my siblings got angry at me for telling them to go to bed because of the fact that they were so spellbound by my stories. They would always cry "Tell us more! Tell us more!" and I, unable to resist the thrill it gave me that they loved my stories so much - would give in and carry on until they fell asleep by themselves.

Once our household got its first windows microsoft-driven computer, I was even more enchanted, and could spend hours on end writing stories about different characters. The stories would always be perfectly mapped out in my mind, and it would be as though I were reading a book as I typed.

People would always ask me what I wanted to become, and I would answer "An author" each time. I even remember having personal writers in both kindergarten and the after school club I used to go to, whilst growing up. I would tell them my stories and they would write them down as the stories were being told. I felt just like a princess.

I can say I was a very peculiar child with a wild imagination. I was never really favoured by the other kids, and they would rather spend time poking out their eyes than hanging out with me, I guess. But, now that I think about it, the fact that they didn't spend time with me, only gave me more time to focus on my future, and that's how I reached the conclusion that I would one day become an author. That dream is still with me.

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx