Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Mother is a Saint

I can still remember those times I argued with my mother and vowed to myself that I'd run away and never come back, or perhaps that I'd go someplace far and never bother to keep in contact. But the more I think about it, the more I start to see how hard my mother has worked for me to always have the best, even when she had to suffer for mine and my siblings' well being, she never once complained. There was not a thing that I "wanted" as a child that I never got; then when I grew older, I guess I started to forget, started to overlook the things my mother had done for me. Although I was always appreciative of whatever my mother got me, it still didn't cover the fact that I always felt she was a bad person whenever we had arguments. I would look back on the promises I had made to myself that I'd run away, and when the time came for me to study abroad, I felt it was an escape plan.

Many, like myself at times - take their parents for granted. They don't realize just how hard their parents work for their well-being. Of course some parents would never tell their children about the struggles they've had to go through just so they can provide for them. But they are still there.

Today I just realized how much of a Saint my mother is, and how precious she really is to me. She has always opened her home to people, no matter who they were, and regardless of their background; she always cooked for them, took care of them, always went out of her way to make sure everyone she knew and cared about, was okay. To me, regardless of what people say, my mother is a Saint.

Point of entry?

It's easy to forget what people do for you, especially when you get into a fight and you're quick to exchange hurtful words. But even through all that, try to be appreciative of what you have, because one day it might not be around anymore.

Signed with Love,

Chika x