Saturday, September 11, 2010

Movie night

Because of a number of reasons, my little sister and I had to cancel our trip over to a friend's house, and instead of being bored whilst staying at home, we decided to have a movie night, which consisted of us folding different movie titles into paper balls and picking from the folded paperballs.

The two first movies we will be watching is:

1. Kick Ass


2. 16 Wishes.

My little sister is 14 :P haha.. And she loves Disney Channel :P

I guess it's good, because I've never watched any of them. But I've heard Kick Ass is really funny. I've got something to look forward to then.

I guess we'll take a break from film number two to bake something. :P... can't watch it all in one go. Our eyes will start hurting.

Here's how the baking turned out :P

Hope you all have a pleasant Saturday.

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx