Saturday, August 7, 2010

What you are = your beauty

For a long while I've been almost obsessed with dark skin. To me, the darker one is, the better.
But one thing I find more intriguing than dark skin i women who embrace who they are without thinking about what they wish to change about their appearance. There's nothing worse than people who think they will look better after undergoing a few surgeries or perhaps losing a few pounds. If one is not happy on the inside - which is actually true - they will never, ever learn to appreciate their appearance, and instead of being satisfied after a few plastic surgeries, or skin lightening treatments, they end up wanting even more.

I constantly remind my younger cousins that they are beautiful no matter what shade of colour they have, no matter what type of hair they have and no matter what their appearance looks like. In the end, everything should be about the inside of a person. I've always noticed that people with a nasty personality automatically became "ugly" to me, whilst people with a nice personality became even more beautiful.

When I was younger, the desired look of most was the "western look"; the long, sleek, blond hair, the wide, blue eyes and the thin lips. I was always told that my lips were big and ugly and made me look like a clown, by the children at school. But when I grew older, fuller lips was something people wanted, and funny enough, now they even have something called "lip plumper" to get them, or plastic surgery.

One thing people need to learn is that we were all born what we are, and no matter how most people bleach their skin, widen their eyes, or colour and straighten their hair, they will never become western, and the same goes for those who do the opposite. So, whether one is short, tall, thick, thin, dark, light or white, has frizzy,  curly, straight, thick or thin hair, they should all be appreciative of what they are, knowing that that is what makes them beautiful. Easier said than done, I know, but I guess it's at this stage in life I realized what type of beauty I hold: my height, my colour, my country and me!

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx