Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer dreams

I admit to having been lazy and unwilling to do anything for the past weeks!!! .... which is quite a lot (almost everyday)... and I guess that was partly because of the weather, and my laziness, which has had a huge affect on me for quite a while, thing I am super sure of is that I am going out today, no matter how I feel.

The weather looks so promising.... although I wouldn't exactly call it the best.... but I just remember when I was younger. It's like I didn't mind whether there was heavy rain outside or not; if I wanted to go outside, that's exactly what I did, despite the weather. :P..

And while I was in the process of writing this I found a few interesting things on the internet.  The following are an article on how much "big youtubers" earn in a year, and  also introducing to you Deekay130, a super amazing.

Press the links to be redirected:

Meet the youtube stars making more than $100,000 plus a year 

Introducing to you Deekay103 

Most of the time I think youtube was a super cool idea, and at other times I just think that it's full of people who like making others feel inferior. Either way, those who are making money on doing stuff that they like on youtube "thumbs up" :P .

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx