Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sex versus Love

"Love is Love, Sex is Sex, and never the twain shall meet?"......

After a conversation I had today, I started asking myself all these questions.

1. Is the reason for a lot of guys staying in relationships just because they know they are getting sex out of it?

And... 2. Why do so many get it twisted with sex and love? Don't they know that they are two completely different things?

3. Since when did the expression of love toward the counterpart become sex alone? 

4. Do people even get the meaning of sex and just how serious it really is? 

People can all be placed under different categories, and although I cannot mention all of them because of time consumerism, I will however mention a few.

There are those who enjoy sex so much that they have no regards for other people's feelings as long as they get what they want.

2. There are those who feel that in order to express "love" to their partner they have to sleep with them.

3. There are those who don't really understand the word commitment, so they think it's okay to have sex with whoever they please, no strings attached.

In my opinion, love and sex are two completely different things. Sex might be one of the many expressions of love, but it certainly is not love, and neither is it the only expression of it.

Signed with Love

Chika Anene