Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting hit by a car

Well...so far, it's been a super great week-end. I was flown to England to attend my cousin's surprise birthday party (and apart from seeing really unpleasant parts of a male stripper who was invited to the party... :O.... I enjoyed myself).

So, yesterday, I went to my aunty's hair dresser salon to get my hair done and as I went up the street to buy a few hair products, just on my way over from one pavement to another, a woman reversed right into me, shoving me into the pavement and almost causing me to fall. I was so shocked as she kept reversing into me, and the audience (everyone who was around and who had witnessed what had happened) where as shocked as I was, and some had started screaming, and a man who was standing in his shop asked me if I was okay. Since  I was so overcome by shock I just brushed off the dirt on my clothes, got up, assured them I was fine, and carried on walking.

It was actually a terrifying experience, and I didn't even take down the number plate of the offender. To me, she looked like she was super angry about something and "hadn't" seen me crossing. I wasn't bothered about telling her that she had just run me over, because I really didn't want any drama, so that is one of the reasons why I didn't do anything, but now that I think about the pain I'm in, and the injury on my arm, I wish I had said something or taken down her number plate.

Oh well..

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx