Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Everyone has a different perception of what freedom really is. Is freedom the fact that your parents don't have a say in the decisions you make? The fact that you are not held captive by a slave master? The fact that you are able to express your opinions without getting killed?

I always thought freedom was finally obtained when one had died. No more nagging, no more diseases, no time, no more crying or suffering; just rest. Not everyone believes in God, and therefore do not believe that anything will happen to their soul once they are dead, and some do, and believe that there is judgment after this life.
When I was still in high school and used to hang out at my friend's house, her father once said he wished he was a bird; they didn't have much to worry about except what to eat and how to get it.

What ever freedom is, it must exist right? We just all have different perceptions of what it is.

Here's Brandy's version of "Freedom"

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx