Monday, August 23, 2010

Answers to recently asked Questions

Q 1. Why have you decided to study Korean?
A. Simply because I love everything about the language, especially the simplicity of the symbols.

Q 2. When are you travelling to Korea?
A. Hopefully during the third month of next year.

Q 3. What made you interested in Korea in the first place?
A. My friend actually got me into Korean drama series, but when I started developing an interest in the language, I met a lot of cool people on a language exchange website called interpals. Also, after meeting a friend of mine through an ad she had put up at University, I was introduced to a lot of the Korean culture, customs and traditions I did not know much about. My interest in Korean led me to meet my boyfriend.

Q 4. What's going on between you and your boyfriend?
A. We're not together anymore, and the only reason for this is because he travelled back to South Korea, and because I don't know if I either of us can deal with a long distance relationship, although I really want to try. I know it would be super hard, but who said it would be impossible?

Q 5. How well do you speak and write Korean
A. I would definitely say I've passed the "newbie" level. I know the basics, but am still looking for time to learn more, and now that I will be starting work again, I don't know when I'll find room, unless I take my Korean books to work. A Korean Language CD/DVD I purchased when I first began learning Korean has three levels, Newbie, Beginner and Advanced audio. It cost me only one dollar, and was a one-time offer for anyone who signed up to Koreanclass101 for the first time. It's really good and very helpful. Other times I just practice my Korean with my Korean friends which I've met on interpals.

Q 6. When you visit South Korea, what places you would like to visit?
A. Well. We will be landing in Inchoen, so we probably get to see a little of it first, and then we'll be heading for central Seoul, but the three places I would love to go are Jeju Island, Songpa-gu and Busan.

Q 7. How is your writing going?
A. I guess my writing has slowed down a bit, considering the fact that I've focused on doing quite a lot of other things. Some necessary, some unnecessary. *Yikes* But Clara Clementine, the title for the book at the moment - will be up and running in no time, hopefully.

Q 8. How many Korean friends do you have?  
A. Quite a few now, thanks to interpals and my ability to interact in real life :P..

Q 9. What inspired your current blog layout?
A. My love for messy things. Things put together that don't go at all, yet look really nice in the end. I love the African continent right in the middle; tells you a little bit about me ;).

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Signed with Love,

Chika xxx