Sunday, August 29, 2010


Okay, so this topic has been on my mind for quite a long time now, and, although I am completely against it - there are those who see abortion as something which can performed if the mother has been raped for example, or if the mother is unable to care for and give the child the life that she feels the child is in need of.

Now, as I heard the day before, some feel sex has been put on a pedestal, causing it to seem more harmful than what it really is etc. To some sex is a way of bonding, to others it's something that cannot be lived without, to some it belongs only in marriage and to the rest, it doesn't really matter with whom, when or where you have sex. It's simply Natural.

No matter what category one finds themselves in, out of the ones that I mentioned (or suppose I forgot to mention some), I am totally For the responsibility given to those who choose to have sex either when they are younger or older. Why does it always have to be about the one person? (The person who is pregnant) or perhaps the other. Why do people never weigh the risk before going ahead with the act? Even pleasure has its consequences, and although I won't go deeper into that, I just feel amused by certain answers which I've gotten over the past years. "I'm too young to take care of a child" or "I wouldn't be able to give the child the future it deserves" or "I'm not ready to have a child, and besides, the child hasn't even developed yet, so it is still about me." Funny enough, about 50% of the people saying these things might not even have been planned by their parents, but yet their parents did not abort them.

Now over to why I am so against abortion.

  • Whether you acknowledge it or not, it is also about the life of a foetus/baby
  • Many who abort babies either go on to have psychological problems or feel guilt each time they see children.
  • Sex is a thing both parts agree on (at least at most times, excluding the fact that many people get raped), and therefore must be carefully weighed in terms of "what happens next?". And with this, I am not referring to people who have one-night stands.
  • If something is performed carelessly, it will also be reaped carelessly. Therefore I believe that one should have sex not only because they feel ready, but when they are sure they can take all the responsibilities that follow the act.
  • With every action, guess what? - There is a reaction.

The times I sat watching "16 and Pregnant" on MTV, there were a lot of teen mothers who decided that since they were unable to provide for their child, a better option would be to give the child away. There are so many mothers out there dying to have a child or children in general, but are unable to, and then we have people who abort babies like they are drinking water. It's super sad to think about. So, next time a person is wise enough to have sex, they should also be wise enough to take what ever comes after.

             THINK ABOUT IT! An Unborn child's life is depending on it....

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx