Thursday, July 29, 2010

What girls hate and what they appreciate

After years of tears and misunderstandings, I've decided to dedicate a post to guys especially. Having two guys in the house, I should know for the most part how some guys think, and also be able to educate them about what girls appreciate, and what they don't.

We've probably all heard the century old excuse about not wanting to hurt a girl if she likes you and..... well, you don't. But the the truth is, you telling a girl just how it is is way better than lying to her and her finding out that you lied. She will hate your guts, and some girls are psychos, so they might end up planning how to kill you.

Why I'm writing this, is because I am basically working at teaching the guys in my house what girls like and what they dislike, and how also trying to make them guys which girls want and not guys which girls hate. Yesterday, I spoke with my cousin, who for a while had had trouble putting the "tell-it-like-it-is" into practice on girls, because he had once told me that he was scared of hurting their feelings, I had of course replied that the truth sucks, but at least it's the truth and it's so much better than a girl hating your guts because you told her a lie.

A lie will only lead to a thousand more lies in order to help you get out of a situation - which, I am sad to say - you might not even be able to get out of, because you are basically just digging your grave.

If there's one thing a girl can't stand, it's a guy lying to them, unless they're completely loved up and want to be lied to, because it somehow makes them feel better :S... But what's the point in living a complete lie when there are plenty of other guys out there?...

I once liked this guy and he started giving me all this BS crap about how he really had to take his university seriously, and his martial arts and how it wasn't about me, but him blah blah blah.... trust me, if he had just told me - even though it would have been hard to swallow - I would have accepted the truth and moved on faster. It would have totally spared me a week of listening to sad love songs and crying over it...... :/ (Of course I thought it was me, despite what he had said. Because, although a girl can stand there and believe your lies at one point, she'll put the pieces together at another point.

I mean, hardly two months had passed before I saw his facebook status changed into "in-a-realtionship", but by that time I had already moved on THANK GOD, or I would seriously have made his life a living hell. (Just joking :P...;) But watch out, you never know who you're dealing with)

So. To all guys, unless you want to die a horrible death, I suggest you just tell girls what's on your mind. You can't take hints, so don't try to give them.

And seriously girls, you need to understand that if a guy REALLY likes you, he will have time for you, no matter what ..... unless he's really telling the truth about having to focus on university and all, which is hardly the case, as loads of guys chase girls every day. Please don't give me the BS about not being able to be serious.... !

Signed with Love,

Chika xxx