Friday, July 30, 2010

Guys, girls and centuries of misunderstandings: Guys don't understand codes

So, I understand the pattern of my blog posts is a bit messed up at the moment, but that's okay. :) I want to keep updating other stuff, while I at the same time "touch" on some "unresolved issues" between guys and girls.

Okay. I understand that a lot of girls, including myself misunderstand the fact that guys don't understand us. Hehe... unless they probably hang out with females like twenty/four seven and know how they think. But, for most parts of the time, 99.9% perhaps, guys don't understand the way girls think. Here is an example:

If a girl likes a guy, and is perhaps not as outspoken as I am when I like a guy, she tends to send him all kinds of signs or perhaps none at all, if she doesn't want him to know (which, even if she did give him signs wouldn't get her anywhere.) The thing is, unless you actually tell a guy the way you feel, they won't know.

Guys usually joke around about that kind of stuff(e.g. She likes you ;). Ah, she likes you too!! etc.), and therefore, when a girl really likes them, they won't have a clue. So, if you are insecure about whether a guy likes you or not, there are plenty of clues, and don't be too paranoid about it, because most of the time when a girl thinks a guy likes her, they're absolutely WRONG.... (I take if from experience).

Anyway. If a guy likes you, you are bound to know, by the way he behaves around you, bodily contact, eye contact, or body language. But, although they ooooze with hints, they never get them when a girl likes them. Sounds stupid? But it's just the way it is, because it is that way (....and it drives me absolutely crazy just WHY GUYS CHOOSE TO DO THAT!)

When I like a guy, I usually just tell him. That way I don't have to wait around for him to tell me he likes me as well, or wait around if he doesn't even like me and I just can't see it. :P... Even if he comes up with a million bullshit excuses of why we can't go out, at least I take that as that he is NOT INTERESTED.

And girls, here's a video by guys on how to tell if a guy likes you. Made by guys, for girls. Now of course, not all guys show it the same way, but at least most guys have a general way of expressing that they like a girl.

Signed with Love,


Chika xxx