Friday, July 30, 2010

저는 한국어를 사랑해요!!!

안녕하세요,  잘 있었엉요? (basically, for those who do not understand Korean, It means, Hello, how have you been.)

So far, I've learnt how to introduce myself, thank for the food, answer the phone and thank in Korean, plus of course, a lot of other things. But I am in need of learning more than that. And in case you are wondering what my the title of my post means, it means I Love Korean. :P... For a while back I was really dedicated to learning korean, and..well.. I still am, but I've had less time to do that lately, what with work, writing, friends and family and all. But I'll try to set more time aside. I should perhaps treat it as french class, wherein I had no choice but to study the language. If I do that, and make learning some Korean everyday a priority, then I'm sure I'll become an intermediate learner in no time.

Basically, I can read hangul, but I still need help  understanding what the different words mean, and I'm not perfect, but practice will perhaps help me in that area. I'm a little tired, but have a number of things to do, such as writing a little bit more on my story and perhaps also learning a little bit more Korean, as I've already reached lesson 8 of newbie class :P... wohooo.... About 16 more to go or something, and then I can move on to beginners class. 

well...I'm a bit tired so..

잘 자요!!

차카 xxx